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Aidan & Parker

Whiskey & Lace Title



Parker Bryant

Who am I?
A bartender, a nobody.
A simple woman with a simple life of no interest to anyone.
Or so I thought.
When my uncle goes missing, the comfortable little life I’ve been living in-between London’s light and dark suddenly becomes a whole lot greyer.

I never anticipated the arrival of Aidan Kavanagh.
He’s the devil on my doorstep.
Forcing his way into my life.
Not even the threat of the Cosa Nostra will keep him away.
How can my life be worth a war?

Aidan Kavanagh

Tragedy broke bonds and tore us apart.
But six months ago an unlikely alliance gave my family the deal we should have sealed years ago.
Now London is my playground.
You may run.
You may hide.
But I will find you.

Parker Bryant was a complication I never saw coming.
Now she’s all I want.
And I’m prepared to go to war to keep her.

*While this book can be read as a standalone, it does contain spoilers for The Retribution Duet. For the best reading experience, I recommend reading Lawless Deception and Ruthless Vengeance first.


WARNING: This book contains scenes and themes that some readers may find upsetting and/or offensive. Scenes of explicit sex, violence and profanity. 18+

"Whiskey & Lace by Imogen Wells just blew my mind away. This enemies to lovers mafia romance is explosive, sinful and completely captivating. Aidan Kavanagh is the most perfect alpha antihero and Parker Bryant is his perfect fierce match. It was fast paced and action packed and if you will miss some massive twist."--PP's Bookshelf
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