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Poisoned Pawn paperback

Poisoned Pawn (PAPERBACK)

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Personalise signed paperback.

  • Blurb

    POISONED PAWN (English)
    poisoned pawn (pl. poisoned pawns) (chess) An unprotected pawn whose capture would be a losing move for the capturing player.

    A fresh start and a shot at a normal life was all I ever wanted.
    But a night out with my best friend is about to shatter that cheery illusion.
    A gun shot.
    A dead girl.
    The catalyst that leads me directly to a man that only knows my body.
    He doesn't know who I am.
    What I suffered as a child.
    But he's about to do what years of therapy couldn't.

    Carter Beckett is my salvation.

    WARNING: This book contains scenes and themes that some readers may find upsetting and/or offensive. Scenes of explicit sex, violence and profanity. 18+