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Risk paperback

Risk; Triple R Security Book 1 (PAPERBACK)


Personalised signed copy of Risk.


When Camryn Moore set out to start a new life, she always knew that her past would catch up to her.
She thought she had more time before he found her. Before she’d have to face her nightmares, her guilt and her shame.
When she receives a message reminding her of why she left, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

What Camryn wasn’t expecting was Ryder ‘Blue’ Hawkins.
Blue barrels into her life exuding danger and a darkness that should have her running the other way.
Camryn never expected that his kind of darkness would call to her and have her wishing for things she’d given up hope of ever having.

Can Camryn take the risk she vowed never to take again?