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Redemption paperback

Redemption; Triple R Security Book 3 (PAPERBACK)

SKU: RedemptionPB

Personalised signed copy of Redemption.


We all have demons that feed off our pain and grief, and we all live with regrets.
How we manage those demons determines who we are.

"Forgive us our sins"
How do you earn redemption for sins that don't deserve forgiveness?
For five years, I've lived my life trying to right the wrongs that cost me everything.
When my chance finally arose, I thought I was ready...
I wasn't

"Seek, and ye shall find"
How do you survive a life of betrayal and secrets so vast they destroy you?
For five years, I've sought the answers to the impossible.
When my chance arose, I never believed the answers I've been seeking would be my greatest battle.
I thought I was ready...
I wasn't.


WARNING: This book contains scenes and themes that some readers may find upsetting and/or offensive. Scenes of explicit sex, violence and profanity. 18+